[C] denotes approximate number of citations, dd. Fall 2005, as recorded in
    ADS. Note that this is only an indication of the number of citations, and
    that it should be weighted by the number of professional astronomers that
    existed world-wide at the time (i.e., 50 citations for a 1940s paper 
    equals 500 citations or more for a 1990s paper).

--> indicates papers already discussed or scheduled for discussion in
    AST494/591 Astrophysics Seminar -- Fall 2005, Spring/Fall 2006 or
    Spring 2007

[Last updated (but not the citation counts): Mar  7 2007 -- RAJ]
=================================== 1940s ====================================

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=================================== 1950s ====================================

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=================================== 1960s ====================================

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==================================== 1970s ===================================

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==================================== 1980s ===================================

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