SUPERNOVA 2005bk IN MCG +07-33-27

        R. A. Jansen and K. Tamura, Arizona State University; and N. A. Grogin, Johns Hopkins University, report their discovery of an apparent supernova in UBVRI CCD images obtained with the 1.8-m Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope atop Mt. Graham. Jansen first found the conspicuous point-like object at R = 17.95 +/- 0.05 on two 300-s R-band images taken on Apr. 2.46 UT, and it was confirmed on images taken by Jansen and Tamura on Apr. 4.4, 5.4, 6.4, and 7.5. The new object is located at R.A. = 16h02m17s.04, Decl. = +42o54'55".3 (equinox 2000.0), which is 4".5 east and 5".6 south of the center of the nucleus of MCG +07-33-27. Nothing is visible at this location on a Sloan Digital Sky Survey image or on an R-band CCD image obtained by Grogin on 1995 May 31.4 with the F. L. Whipple Observatory 1.2-m telescope (limiting mag R approximately 21.3). There is a nearby bright (red mag about 11, blue mag about 13) foreground star with position end figures 09s.94, 04".6.

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