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Mona Higuchi's website
Eric Scott Nelson
Giannazzo and Rolf Langebaratels
Phonography--for location recordings
Frog Peak/American Gamelan Inst
Interdiscinplinary Arts & Performance at ASU West Campus
Piezo Disks at Mouser Electronics
•••• try 665 KBI-4406••••
Piezo Disks, Electronic Goldmine ••••try G13128 - take case apart
Schematics and Windharps
Piezo Disks & Children
Walkman Cassette Tape Delay
Transducer Series Films at MOMA
Several Reviews
TD Series Article-Cantrill Filmnotes
TD Series Article- Spiral
Richard Lerman's Site
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using Piezo Disks and
other self-built transducers
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Ripley's Believe It or Not, 1955
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Steelworkers Union Book 1964
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Hoover: Water | Power
Death Valley Cycle Installation
Half Lives-Nuclear Waste
Five Sound Installations 2006
Death Valley pieces 2003-2007
Relocation: Alaska
Fences-Borders 2004
20 x 24 Polaroids & sound objects
Border Fences 2
Bhutan Pieces
Two Windharps, One Webharp
From Dark to Light
Border Fences Installation Perf
Camino del Diablo
A Woven Hay Microphone & a Lizard
Eight Sonoran Desert Pieces
Changing States 6
Death Valley Walks 1994
Stretched Tunings: Matter of Scale 2
Kristallnacht Installation/Music
Lonquen & Isla de Maipu, Chile
A Matter of Scale: the Astrodome
Installations & Performances
Transducer Series Films excerpts
Sections: Screen, Perf. & Audience
Sparkgap, 16mm film from 1969