UX improvement project


Project completed: April, 2019

UX/UI html css javascript

Original website:

General Shortcomings

Filter functionality is quite inadequate on the website when attempting to access the Animals for Sale section of the site. The Exotic Animals for Sale section is paginated and doesn’t have the ability to filter the animals available in regards to species, region, pricing etc. The team has decided to fix this design flaw and suggest and demonstrate improvements to the section in question.


Our redesigned website will have improved search and filter functionality such that it is possible to filter by type (e.g. search for only female asian leopards). This could be implemented using multiple dropdown lists. This will allow users to cut the time for looking at all possible animals that fit the criteria. It will also allow them to look for different specific animals at once (e.g. search for only female asian leopards and male southern flying squirrel).

Usability metrics

Our redesigned website will significantly reduce the time needed to look for animals in a specific price range, in specific area and will allow users to browse animal by type.

Participant tasks

Find an animal that fit certain criteria (e.g. female asian leopards).

Project report

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