Molecular Epidemiology Analytics Core


Project completed: June, 2018

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MEAC is a lab at ASU which does biomarker analysis on given samples. People from other universities can also send in their samples and get them tested.


A website where users can

  • Get information about lab equipment and the types of tests the lab does.
  • View pricing of the lab and get a quick estimate of price base on their type of testing and number of samples.
  • Place online order, view order status and get results online.
  • Receive email updates on order status change.
  • A control panel where they can view all past orders, their status and invoices.

and administrator can

  • View status of all current and past orders.
  • Change status of any order while automatically informing the customer.
  • Generate invoice with the ability to apply custom discounts and coupons.
  • A ledger to view reports of monthly or annual sales and profits.


  • The website needs to follow ASU brand guidelines.
  • Be accessible.
  • Hosted on ASU approved platform.



  • Wordpress: For quickly creating content pages along with Gravity Forms plugin to make a price calculator and ordering forms.
  • WooCommerce: For keeping track of all orders and making user control panel.
  • Sendgrid: For sending out all transactional emails and getting delivery reports.
  • Dompdf: PHP library used to convert HTML invoices to PDF.
  • Pantheon: Hosting platform that comes with version control and feature branching used to deploy and host the website.


The project took about a month, most of which was spent on research and testing. I wrote about 600 lines of code to implement the functional requirements and around 400 for non-functional requirements like styling the content. Since in a typical ecommerce website an order is shipped out by the store I had to modify the workflow of orders and add new order statuses as appropriate. Since the lab only accepts payment in checks I did not have to add any online payment gateway. I spent most of the time making sure the order workflow made sense for both the administrator and the customer and that transactional emails went out when they were supposed to.