Sreedhar T.Bharath

Professor of Finance
W.P. Carey School of Business
Finance Department
Arizona State University

Phone: (480) 965-6855
Fax:    (480) 965-8539
Email: sbharath(atsign)asu(dot)edu


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Areas of Interest

  • Asset Pricing 
  • Banking 
  • Corporate Finance 

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  • The Bank One Corporation Assistant Professor of Business Administration - Ross School of Business, University of Michigan 2009-2010 School wide Research Award
  • Crowell Memorial Prize (Second Place), 2012,  PanAgora Asset Management, - "Liquidity Risk of Corporate Bond Returns - A Conditional Approach".
  • Review of Financial Studies Distinguished Referee, 2012.
  • LECG Best Paper Award in Corporate Finance at the 2007 European Finance Association Annual Meetings - "Why do Firms Use Private Equity to Opt Out of Public Markets?"
  • Journal of Financial Economics Best Paper in Capital Markets and Asset Pricing, Second (Fama/DFA) Prize,  2007 - "Does Industry-wide Distress Affect Defaulted Firms? - Evidence from Creditor Recoveries"

  • Fannie Mae Best Paper Award in Financial Institutions and Markets at the 2004 Financial Management Association Annual Meetings - "So What do I Get: A Bank's View of Lending Relationships?"
  • Caesarea Center 5th Annual Academic Conference Best Paper Award, IDC Herzliya 2008 Meeting, Israel "The Changing Nature of Chapter 11"
  • Runner-Up, Lehman Brothers Award for Excellence in Financial Research, 2001 (among applicants from Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, NYU and Wharton that year).


Asset Pricing


Corporate Finance

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Working Papers

Asset Pricing

  • Ephermeral Expereinces, Long Lived Impact : Disasters and Portfolio Choice (with DuckKi Cho) 

Bank Relationships

Corporate Finance 

  • The Changing Nature of Chapter 11 (with Venky Panchapegesan and Ingrid Werner, Revise and Resubmit RFS)
  • “Does Shareholder Rights Affect Syndicate Structure? Evidence from a Natural Experiment” (with Sandeep Dahiya and Issam Hallak)

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  • Financial Management (Core), Arizona State University MBA.
    Fall '10 - Fall '13 Ratings: 6.3 on 7.0 (average)
  • Financial Management (Core), University of Michigan MBA.
    Fall '08 Ratings: 4.6,4.6,4.8 on 5.0. Fall '09: 4.2, 4.5, 4.6 on 5.0 
  • Financial Management (Core), University of Michigan Evening MBA.
    Winter '04,'05,'06,'07 Average Ratings: 4.75/5.00
  • Banks & Financial Institutions, Off Balance Sheet Banking, MBA.
    Winter '04,'05,'06,'07 Average Ratings: 4.8/ 5.00
  • Financial Management, Undergraduate.
    Winter '03 (University of Michigan), Summer '00 (NYU)
  • Corporate Finance, MBA (NYU).
    Teaching Assistant to Prof. Tom Copeland, Fall '97.
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