My research addresses the theoretical and methodological challenges involved with studying how social and economic systems change.   I am especially interested in understanding the problem of “policy resistance” - why well-intentioned organizational and public policies often produce unanticipated responses by the systems they trying to improve.  I view understanding the connection between individual and collective behavior as central to understanding policy resistance, and consequently use tools such as agent‐based modeling and social network analysis which foreground the interactions between individuals in a system.

You can find a brief articulation of the rationale for this research perspective here:

Maroulis, S., Guimera, R., Petry, H., Gomez, L., Amaral, L.A.N., Wilensky, U. (2010). “A Complex Systems View of Educational Policy.” Science. Vol. 330, Issue 6000.

Specific projects include investigating the barriers to innovation implementation in schools, estimating the effect of student social networks on academic performance, studying the dynamics of market-based reforms in education, and modeling the emergence of new norms and practices in professional communities.  Pursuit of answers to substantive problems in these areas has also contributed to a smaller offshoot of work on research methodology.  The published work can be found below, with additional working papers posted shortly.


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