1. The way homework works in this course is as follows. I will post HW1 and grade the responses. For the subsequent HW assignments, I will assign a group to a particular adaptation. For example, one group will be assigned to Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  2. Each group member will individually grade that week's homework using the grading scale at the bottom of this page. I will post a gradesheet on Google documents that will only be visible to group members and me (i.e., those you are grading will not see the grades you give). You will receive an email with a link to the gradesheet. It is important that you check your ASU gmail as this is where the email will be sent.

  3. You do not submit homework responses the week you are grading homework.

  4. Each group is given 3 days to grade the homework responses (so if the homework is due on 9/12, you have until before midnight on 9/15 to post your grades on the gradesheet).

  5. Once the group has graded the homework, I review the homework responses and the group's grading of those responses. Then, I award the actual homework grades for that assignment. I will also grade each group member based on how well they performed their grading. If you simply give everyone 10s, you will receive a 0 (unless, of course, they all deserve 10s). Just try to be as honest and objective as you can be and you will do fine.

  6. Why do I bother with group grading? There are two reasons behind group grading. One, it tends to make group members experts on that particular adaptation. And two, it gives group members a better idea of the type of responses required to earn the higher grades for homework.

  7. With so many students in the courses I'm teaching I cannot respond individually to each student's homework. However, after the homework has been graded, I will make all the homework responses visible and will note what I thought were the best responses. Hopefully, that will help you get an idea of the type of response I'm looking for.

  8. Homework is graded on the ten point scale shown below:

10 points      must have outstanding responses to every question that                    are complete and in depth. Rarely given.

9.5 points     solid A type responses to every question. Excellent                    responses, but not as compelling as a 10.

9 points        the equivalent of an A-. Answers the questions
                   thoroughly, but is not as consistently good as above.

8.5 points     the equivalent of a solid B. Good, solid responses, but                   every question is not answered at an A level.

8 points       the equivalent of a B-. Most responses fall into the good                   category; however, some questions are not answered
                  completely or thoroughly.

7.5 points     the equivalent of a solid C. Satisfactory responses that                   don't rise to the level of an A or B. Typically, not as                   complete or in depth. Or perhaps, some responses that
                  are incorrect mixed in with better responses.

7 points       the equivalent of a C-. Just barely a passing grade.                   Responses where it appears the writer is just doing the                   bare minimum.

6.5 to          the equivalent of a D or below. These range from   
   0 points
   unsatisfactory and incomplete responses to no                   response at all. Show no mercy here.