Paper 1

Paper 1 gives you the opportunity to discuss the film adaptations we have studied during the first half of the semester. The assignment is to write detailed, in depth responses to four of the following prompts. I would expect this paper to require, at a minimum, 6 single-spaced pages to discuss all four prompts in sufficient detail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Again, remember you are NOT to respond to all of the following prompts. Just pick any four of them.

1) Judging from what you thought were the best adaptations we've watched to date, what do you think are (a) the critical components of a successful adaptation and (b) not as critical?

2) What are some of the things that have been left out of the adaptations that you think should definitely have been in the adaptation and what were some of the best things added to films that were not in the original text? Explain why (a) you think the things omitted were so important that they should have been in the film and what the impact is from having omitted them and (b) the things added were so good and what their impact was.

3) Obviously, the adaptations resulting in Bladerunner and Apocalypse Now were the most extreme that we've studied. Which do you think was the most successful adaptation and why?

4) The best films tell their stories visually. Discuss (a) what you think are some of the best moments of visual storytelling in the films we've seen (b) how they capture what you think was important in the original text or add something that wasn't there originally, and (c) those moments where the director has chosen not to show us something on screen and whether that choice was effective or not.

5) Discuss (a) what you think were the most and least effective openings and closings of the films we've watched to date and (b) whether these openings or closing were faithful to the original text or not. Which openings and closings did you prefer, the text's or the film's, and why?

6) Some of the main characters in Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Searchers, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (and perhaps other texts) were significantly altered in the film adaptations. Identify these characters who were significantly changed and explain whether you thought the alteration (a) worked or didn't work in the film and (b) maintained the essence of the original text, undermined it, or improved it

7) Choose two of the texts we read during the first half of the semester and their film adaptations and discuss the following: (a) Define briefly what you think makes a text literature, (b) Define briefly what you think makes a film literature/a classic/a masterpiece, (c) Discuss whether the two texts you selected are literature and whether their adaptations are literature/a classic/a masterpiece, and (d) Do you think a text that is not literature can be adapted into a film that is literature/a classic/a masterpiece? Explain. Note: For these questions, I am considering the terms literature, classic, and masterpiece synonymous.

I am primarily looking for your thoughtful analysis, not what a critic or Wikipedia says about the film or text. This is a chance for you to demonstrate what you have learned about literature on film.

You are NOT required to use any outside sources for this assignment. However, if you do use outside sources be sure to document them within the text using MLA style parenthetical documentation and include a MLA style Works Cited page. Failure to properly document your source is considered plagiarism and can result in a failing grade for the paper and/or the class. See the University's plagiarism policy.

Single-spaced. One inch margins. An 11 or 12 point font that is easy to read. No Cover Page, just your name and ENH 332 in the top left corner. Double-space (DS) down and paste the 1st prompt (single-space the prompt itself) you are responding to. DS down again and begin your response. Indent paragraphs do NOT DS them.

When you finish your response to the first prompt you answer, DS down and paste the next prompt you are responding to. DS down and begin your response. Continue in this fashion until you have responded to four prompts.

Post your paper by cutting and pasting it into your thread in the Paper 1 Discussion forum. FYI, in this forum you will not see anyone else's posts.

Final Advice:
1) Take some time and brainstorm some ideas before beginning to write. Study after study has shown that writers do not take enough time in the invention stage of writing. Forcing yourself to brainstorm can really make a big difference.

2) Work on one or, at most, two questions a day. Then when you've completed a draft of your answers for all the questions, take a couple days off before going back to begin to revise and sharpen your responses.

3) Review these two links: The 3 E's.