Things to Watch For in

Here are some things to note as you read the short story "Memento Mori" and then watch the film Memento.

  • Note the title "Memento Mori" means remember you will die.

  • Note the 2nd person opening of the short story and the setting.

  • Note what Earl no longer needs in the short story.

  • Note when the two narratives in the film--one in black and white told in chronological order, and one in color that is in reverse chronological order.
  • Note Leonard's system of Polaroids and tattoos.

  • Note Leonard's Sammy Jankis anecdote. What is its significance?

  • Note how Leonard tells Sammy's wife that physically he should be able to form memories.

  • Note Leonard's quick flashback of giving his wife an insulin injection.

  • Note Leonard's statement that notes and memories are unreliable. Facts, he says, not memories are how he investigates.

  • Note that the police report has some pages missing. What's the significance?

  • Note why Natalie goes outside to her car after Leonard punches her.

  • Note how Leonard purposefully deceives himself regarding Teddy.

  • Note Teddy's statement to Leonard that Leonard doesn't know who he is and what he has become.