Masters Theses Awarded

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  1. ``Transparent Integration of IoT devices in a 5G ORAN Network,'' Co-advised with Prof. Ahmed Alkhateeb, in EEE, ASU, Spring 2024.
  2. Daniel J. Kulenkakmp, ``Extending REACT to Support Quality of Service: Algorithms and Implementation, with Screening and Performance Experiments on a Wireless Testbed,'' Spring 2021.
  3. Stephen A. Seidel, ``Locating Arrays: Construction, Analysis, and Robustness,'' Fall 2018. (Winner outstanding CSE undergraduate award in Fall 2017.)
  4. Matthew J. Mellott, ``Smoothed Airtime Linear Tuning and Optimized REACT with Multi-hop Extensions,'' Spring 2018.
  5. ``Fixed Verse Generation using Neural Word Embeddings,'' Summer 2016.
  6. ``Analysis and Design of Native File System Enhancements for Storage Class Memory,'' Spring 2015.
  7. Janakarajan Natarajan, ``Analysis and Visualization of OpenFlow Rule Conflicts,'' Co-advised with Prof. D. Huang, in CIDSE, ASU, Spring 2016.
  8. ``An Evaluation of SDN Based Network Virtualization Techniques,'' Spring 2016. (Felipe won an award to attend the FGRE GENI/FIRE Summit at iMinds in Ghent, Belgium in July 2015!)
  9. ``Performance Optimization of Linux Networking for Latency-Sensitive Virtual Systems,'' Fall 2015.
  10. ``A Network Function Virtualization based Load Balancer for TCP,'' Spring 2015.
  11. ``Generating Mixed-Level Covering Arrays with λ = 2 and Test Prioritization,'' Spring 2015. (Nicole won an AFIO/SDSI scholarship!)
  12. ``Comparing a Commercial and an SDN-Based Load Balancer in a Campus Network,'' Spring 2015.
  13. ``Topic Chains for Determining Risk of Unauthorized Information Transfer,'' Fall 2014.
  14. Eric Van Egmond, ``Context-Aware Search Principles in Automated Learning Environments,'' Co-advised with Prof. W. Burleson, in CIDSE, ASU, Fall 2014.
  15. Omid Alipourfard, ``Infinite CacheFlow: A Rule-Caching Solution for Software Defined Networks,'' Summer 2014.
  16. Sai Vishnu K. Byhravajosyula, ``A New Backoff Strategy using Topological Persistence in Wireless Networks,'' Fall 2013.
  17. Namrata Bapat, ``Adapting Sensing and Transmission Times to Improve Secondary User Throughput,'' Spring 2012.
  18. Shiraz Saleem, ``An On-Demand Energy-Aware Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc Networks,'' Spring 2010.
  19. Supreet S. Nagi, ``Test-Bed Validation of Physical Layer Modeling in Network Simulation,'' Fall 2009.
  20. Sanket Joshi, ``A Shared Memory Approach for Invoking MATLAB Physical Layer Models from the ns-2 Network Simulator,'' Co-advised with Prof. Marco Janssen, School of Sustainability, ASU, Fall 2008.
  21. Manasi Velhankar, ``A Multi-Channel MAC Layer Protocol with Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Ad Hoc Networks,'' Spring 2007.
  22. Bing Li, ``An Evaluation of Contention and Scheduled MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks,'' Spring 2007.
  23. Dmitri Lushnikov, ``Rateless Forward Erasure Correction for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks,'' Fall 2006.
  24. Youngjin Kwon, ``Analysis of Network Dynamics in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks,'' Fall 2006.
  25. Michael R. Van Milligan, ``An Energy Efficient Topology Transparent Medium Access Control Protocol,'' Summer 2006.
  26. Kahkashan Shaukat, ``Integrating OLSR into the MERIT Assessment Framework,'' Fall 2005.
  27. Sitaram Shah, ``A Protocol Interaction Study using Design and Analysis of Experiments,'' Fall 2004.
  28. Minghao Cui, ``Securing Dynamic Spectrum Use,'' Summer 2004.
  29. Satish Doraiswamy, ``An Extended MERIT Framework for Assessment of MANET Routing Protocols,'' Summer 2004.
  30. Sruthi Yellamraju, ``Erasure Codes as an Acknowledgement Scheme in Topology Transparent Scheduling,'' Spring 2004.
  31. Suresh Ramkumar, ``Adaptive Bandwidth Utilization,'' Fall 2003.
  32. Amaresh Bikki, ``Using Inverse Optimization to Model the Effect of Congestion on Routing Protocols in MANETs,'' Summer 2002.
  33. Priya Narayan, ``Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols using the MERIT Framework,'' Spring 2002.