Visar Berisha

Visar Berisha, PhD

College of Engineering
College of Health Solutions
Arizona State University


Arizona State University
3427 COOR Hall
975 S. Myrtle Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85287
(480) 727 - 6455
visar ((at)) asu ((dot)) edu

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About me

I joined Arizona State University in Fall 2013 with a joint appointment in the School of Electrical Computer and Energy engineering and the College of Health Solutions. At its core, my work is interdisciplinary and use-inspired; it lies at the intersection of engineering and human health and is driven by a desire to use technology to improve the human condition.

Our recent focus has been on understanding how various neurological conditions impact human behavior. With a focus on speech, we have developed in lab and validated on a large scale new machine learning and statistical signal processing tools for digitally capturing clinically-relevant behavioral changes. This has led to registration of these tools with the FDA and global adoption by pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers to track patient health.

Making progress against these goals requires an interdisciplinary approach that spans multiple fields. Our contributions to this effort are centered on developing and validating robust machine learning models guided by behavioral data. If you have any interest in these topics, please feel free to contact me!

Feel free to browse my publications for the latest developments and new results.

Prospective PhD students or postdocs

We have several ongoing projects related to (1) theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning and (2) clinical speech analytics. PhD students or postdocs with a background in these topic areas should email me with a copy of their CV and a brief description of their interests.

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