Digital imaging

Digital camera

Dr. Burt's lecture and the digital camera as one example of imaging.


Deskscan Pro on the mac side under SCANNING folder
Place item to be scanned on scanner bed
Choose appropriate path (look under print path and change the dpi)
Crop if necessary
Zoom if necessary
Final means scan and save
Save as tiff

See also the instructions for scanning from Joan Bahamonde.

Adobe Photoshop

Convert mode (color to black and white)
Change size
Save as
Copy a piece

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

This is a powerful capability that eliminates the need to type something if it is already in a pretty legible text form.

Omnipage Professional

Place text page on scanner
Under Process menu, select AUTO--that will scan the text and choose zones
Under Process menu, select Perform OCR--that will give you a page with the OCR'd text.
Save as... as useful format--This tended to crash the machine. Instead, launch MS Word, and then select the desired text (or all) in the converted page in OmniPage, and then copy and paste into Word. That seems to work ok.

Assignment #7 due by Friday, October 31 at the beginning of class.

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