Table for CAN(6,k,3) for k up to 10000

Last Updated Sun Jul 29 04:37:25 MST 2018

Locate the k in the first column that is at least as large as the number of factors in which you are interested. Then let N be the number of rows (tests) given in the second column. A CA(N;6,k,3) exists according to a construction in the reference (cryptically) given in the third column. The accompanying graph plots N vertically against log k (base 10).

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7729orthogonal array
913774-Restricted SCPHF RE (CL)
111431CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
121455SCPHF Sim Annealing (TJ-IM)
132181SCPHF Sim Annealing (TJ-IM)
142701CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
152901CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
163126CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
173633SCPHF Sim Annealing (TJ-IM)
183839Density (Colbourn) postop NCK
193961CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
204006CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
214200CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
224400CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
234600CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
244661CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
254880CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
265020CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
275200CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
285359CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
295410CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
305572CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
315691CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
325786CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
355825CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
366248CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
376316CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
386454CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
396583CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
406663CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
416755CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
426870CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
437153CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
447264CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
457348CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
467482CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
477567CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
507576CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
517635CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
527656CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
547746CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
557797CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
587999CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
618687CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
628758CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
638955CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
649025CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
669033CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
689154CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
739249CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
829997CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
8610406CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
8810490CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
9010673CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
9610927CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
9810942CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
12010974CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
13612297CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
35014467CPHF 3-stage (TJ-IM)
35119675Add 1 factors
35222969Add 2 factors
35324427Add 3 factors
35429635Add 3 factors
35532929Add 3 factors
35634387Add 3 factors
35739595Add 3 factors
35842889Add 3 factors
35944347Add 3 factors
36049555Add 3 factors
36149598Power CZ2-19.13
36252065Power CT19^2+1
36354587Power CT19^2+2
36457187Power CT19^2+3
56057864perfect hash family4,560,350
57662989Power CT25^2T1T1
60063208Power CT25^2T1
62563427Power CT25^2
70267327Power CZ2-27.12-26.1
72967477Power CZ2-27.13
73069654Power CT27^2+1
75469927Power CT29^2T3
75670056Power CT29^2T2T1
78370107Power CT29^2T2
78470215Power CT29^2T1T1
81270266Power CT29^2T1
84170317Power CT29^2
86672330perfect hash family5,866,350
87073570Power CT31^2T2T1
87173613Power CT31^2Arc(3)
89973689Power CT31^2T2
90073732Power CT31^2T1T1
93073851Power CT31^2T1
96173970Power CT31^2
99275110Power CT32^2T1
102475205Power CT32^2
102775712Power CT32^2+3
103979640Power CT37^2Arc(10):5 twos,0 ones
104079995Power CT37^2Arc(12):4 twos,2 ones
106880063Power CT37^2Arc(10):4 twos,1 ones
109780131Power CT37^2Arc(8):4 twos,0 ones
109880486Power CT37^2Arc(10):3 twos,2 ones
112880554Power CT37^2Arc(8):3 twos,1 ones
115980622Power CT37^2Arc(6):3 twos,0 ones
116080977Power CT37^2Arc(8):2 twos,2 ones
119281045Power CT37^2Arc(6):2 twos,1 ones
122581113Power CT37^2T2T2
122681468Power CT37^2Arc(2)T2
126081536Power CT37^2T2T1
129581604Power CT37^2T2
129681959Power CT37^2T1T1
133282027Power CT37^2T1
136982095Power CT37^2
137083889Power CT37^2+1
137185566Power CT37^2+2
137286606Power CT37^2+3
140086780Power CT41^2T6T1
143586872Power CT41^2T6
144487179Power CT41^2Arc(2)T4
144787225Power CT41^2Arc(3)T3
145087250Power CT41^2Arc(6)
148087271Power CT41^2T4T1
148387317Power CT41^2Arc(2)T3
148687342Power CT41^2Arc(5)
151787363Power CT41^2T4
152087409Power CT41^2T3T1
152387434Power CT41^2Arc(4)
155887501Power CT41^2T3
156187526Power CT41^2Arc(3)
160087618Power CT41^2T1T1
164087710Power CT41^2T1
168187802Power CT41^2
168289297Power CT41^2+1
168391844Power CT43^2Arc(4)
172392127Power CT43^2Arc(3)
176492410Power CT43^2T1T1
180692693Power CT43^2T1
184992976Power CT43^2
185094419Power CT43^2+1
185195511Power CT43^2+2
185297253Power CT43^2+3
186297353Power CT49^2T11
189097442Power CT47^2T5T2
191197482Power CT49^2T10
192797546Power CT47^2T6
196097562Power CT49^2T9
200997654Power CT49^2T8
205897769Power CT49^2T7
210798052Power CT49^2T6
211598139Power CT47^2T2
215698163Power CT49^2T5
220598247Power CT49^2T4
220998358Power CT47^2
225498381Power CT49^2T3
230398466Power CT49^2T2
240298475Power CT49^2+1
240399242Power CT49^2+2
240499515Power CT49^2+3
241399965Power CT53^2Arc(8)
2459100055Power CT53^2Arc(7)
2506100145Power CT53^2Arc(6)
2554100235Power CT53^2Arc(5)
2603100325Power CT53^2Arc(4)
2653100415Power CT53^2Arc(3)
2704100505Power CT53^2T1T1
2756100595Power CT53^2T1
2810100685Power CT53^2+1
2811101348Power CT53^2+2
2814103974Power CT53^2 +5
2839104662Power CT59^2Arc(12)
2887105350Power CT59^2Arc(11)
2936106038Power CT59^2Arc(10)
2986106726Power CT59^2Arc(9)
3037107414Power CT59^2Arc(8)
3089108102Power CT59^2Arc(7)
3142108790Power CT59^2Arc(6)
3196109478Power CT59^2Arc(5)
3251110166Power CT59^2Arc(4)
3307110854Power CT59^2Arc(3)
3364111542Power CT59^2T1T1
3538112230Power CT61^2T3
3721112918Power CT61^2
3722113841Power CT61^2+1
3913114020Power CT25^3T12S24
3939114239Power CT25^3T12S23
3978114458Power CT25^3T12S22
4214114540Power CT25^3T11S24
4515114740Power CT25^3T10S24
4545114959Power CT25^3T10S23
4816114965Power CT25^3T9S24
4848115184Power CT25^3T9S23
4896115403Power CT25^3T9S22
5117115472Power CT25^3T8S24
5418115678Power CT25^3T7S24
5719115800Power CT25^3T6S24
6020115845Power CT25^3T5S24
6321116039Power CT25^3T4S24
6622116239Power CT25^3T3S24
6923116439Power CT25^3T2S24
7224116500Power CT25^3S25
7272116719Power CT25^3S24
7344116938Power CT25^3S23
7440117157Power CT25^3S22
7560117376Power CT25^3S21
7704117595Power CT25^3S20
7872117814Power CT25^3S19
8064118033Power CT25^3S18
8280118252Power CT25^3S17
8520118471Power CT25^3S16
8784118690Power CT25^3S15
9072118909Power CT25^3S14
9384119128Power CT25^3S13
9720119347Power CT25^3S12
10000119566Power CT25^3S11