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Steve Holloway
Arizona State University
Department of Psychology
P.O. Box  871104
Tempe, Arizona  85287
Office:   (602) 543-8142
E-mail Address:





Welcome to my web page.

My research interests are concerned with the mechanisms involved with perceptual learning and information processing in the lower levels of the visual system.  Specifically, I am investigating the relation between processing in the dorsal stream pathway of the human primary visual system and reading ability in normal readers and the reading disabled.  Moreover, I am exploring a new methodology to measure ventral and dorsal stream processing with several newly designed devices and procedures that will assess a person's ability to process sensory information in the lower visual cortex.  Once completed I hope to use these new methodologies to independently target the magnocellular and parvocellular systems and determine the range of perceptual functions affected by this region of the brain.