CSE 593 Applied Project for GOEE Online Masters Degree Program

Information for the Students advised by Dr. Yinong Chen
CSE593 Syllabus

All students admitted to the M.S.E. program in engineering science with a concentration in software engineering must complete a culminating experience. The culminating experience can be fulfilled with an applied project (CSE593) or a portfolio. The applied project entails working with a faculty member and completing a self-identified project (ex: research proposal, development project). The portfolio is a written summary and program reflection on learning outcomes supported with projects completed in a series of three courses. For more information, please refer to GOEE Website http://cpd.asu.edu/programs/msese, or to the GOEE Graduate Student Handbook: https://goee.asu.edu/sites/default/files/goee-graduate-handbook.pdf
CSE593 is the Software Engineering Capstone course. This course is intended for students who have already completed at least 8 of the courses for the degree requirements. If you are ready for this course, please email your CSE593 instructor the following within 1 week before the course starts: There are no formal class activities. All work is done independently with a faculty member in the program (project advisor). The role of the project advisor is to manage the process of the project execution, including the progress reports, mid-term report, final report, and project presentation or demonstration. The advisor will read the reports and give feedback to the students. Once selected the advisor, a student should come up with detailed project ideas and discuss the project contents and scope with the advisor. The project must be in the area of the advisor, so that the advisor can adequately supervise the project. Dr. Yinong Chen is prepared to advise students who are interested in service-oriented computing, Web-based software development, IoT and Web-based robotics applications, as being taught in the following courses: Ideally, a student can choose a project that is related to his/her work, so that the student can apply the skills acquired in the degree program to the work and to solve a real world problem. If a student does not have an adequate project at work, a "Home Improvement" project is acceptable. A "Home Improvement" project is a project that a student always wanted to do, but did not have time to do. In the past, I have advised projects in such topics:

For more detailed information on the project requirements and implementation process, please download the CSE593 requirement package here.