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Picnic Press, Linda Smith, and Alberto Ríos

announce the publication of a new artist's book


Based on the principles of the flexagon, Linda Smith designed,  printed, and assembled this three dimensional book that first takes the physical shape of a cube made to look like a die.  Through the holes in the die the whole world can be seen--as the cube holds the earth at its core. But this cube then opens and the "pages" emerge as the cube opens in impossible ways, giving this object an affecting and ready power.

Written by Alberto Ríos, the text inscribed on the cube also opens in equally myriad lyrical permutations. Held in the hand, the effect is, finally, emotional as much as physical. The content of the text--the long, tender and tenuous relationship between two people alive in the world--serves the flexagon's disquieting existence. All the ways the cube can be opened and all the ways the text can be read, all the outcomes underscore the quintessential embodiment of chance.

Digitally composed type and relief line engravings were letterpress printed on Somerset Velvet. The paper globe was cast from pigmented cotton linters, and the continents were painted with acrylic gouache. Production of this limited edition of one hundred was completed in Fall 2000.

The book measures 4" to 8" tall, 4" to 8" wide, and 2" to 4" deep.   It is held in a Plexiglas cube with a hand printed and covered base. 

For further information contact: Linda Smith at Picnic Press
Phoenix, Arizona: 602-971-9262   
Latest news and information

Latest news and information

Inside Chance was just awarded "Best Artist's Book" at the Northwest Book Fest 2000 in Seattle.

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