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The Office of the Arizona State Climatologist is housed within the School of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University. Dr. Nancy J. Selover, an Academic Associate in the School of Geographical Sciences, is the State Climatologist.



The state climate program for Arizona was established by the Arizona Board of Regents in September 1973 in a Memorandum of Agreement between the Association of American State Climatologists (AASC) the National Weather Service, the National Climatic Data Center, and Arizona State University. As part of a national effort, the office was officially recognized as the AASC Recognized State Climate Office (ARSCO) for Arizona in 2001 and re-certified in 2007.


The purpose of the program is to: (1) manage and disseminate climatological information about the State of Arizona, (2) monitor the climate of Arizona and the region, (3) collaborate with state agencies in need of climate data and advisement, and (4) conduct research aimed at an improved understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of the climate of Arizona.


At present, the office continues to be entirely a service organization, receiving infrastructural support from Arizona State University. Every effort is made to provide requested climatic data with no fee; however, large requests and those that require data analysis will incur charges to help defray the associated direct costs.


State Climatologist Nancy J. Selover, Ph.D.
State Climate Office
Arizona State University

Box 871508

Tempe, Arizona 85287-1508

Tel: 480 965 0580

Fax: 480 965 1473


Dr. Nancy J. Selover grew up in Michigan and then the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Phoenix in 1973. After changing careers from Technical Theater to Geography/Climatology in the late 1980s, Nancy received her BS, MA, and PhD degrees in Geography/Climatology from Arizona State University. Nancy’s main interests are field study, instrumentation, and urban climate, and she has intensively studied the climate and evaporation rates of urban lakes.


Requesting Data - To request information from the State Climate Office, please use one of the following methods:

Postal Mail: State Climatologist

Office of Climatology
Arizona State University

Box 871508

Tempe, Arizona 85287-1508

Voicemail: 480 965 6265 (messages retrieved daily)

Fax: 480 965 1473

Email: – be sure to include a subject line regarding your data request.



The State Climate Office will make every effort to provide information and data free-of-charge. However, large requests or those requiring data analysis will incur a charge based on a standard hourly rate. The Office of the Arizona State Climatologist is a service operation and cannot absorb the costs of time-intensive requests. Any charges will be made clear prior to work done.


Requesting Interviews or Presentations:


Please contact: Dr. Nancy J. Selover Phone: 480 965 0580


State Climate Office

Office of Climatology Phone: 480 965 6265

Arizona State University Fax: 480 965 1473

Box 871508

Tempe, AZ 85287-1508


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