What I Do

My research focuses on predictive modeling of collective behavior in biological systems using real-world data. How do functional biological aggregates emerge from the behavior of networks of heterogeneous individuals?

a collective

I am part of the School of Complex Adaptive Systems, the Global Biosocial Complexity Initiative, and the ASU-SFI Center for Biosocial Complex Systems at Arizona State University. Here you can find my CV.


I am especially interested in methods of model selection, inferring simplified models that are necessary for making good predictions when one has limited data and limited computational power.

Specifically, I have worked on conflict in macaques, dynamics and statistics of cellular biochemical networks, and DNA conformational dynamics. I work mainly with computational and statistical methods (often with a physics flavor), which have included sparse coding, statistical model selection, maximum entropy models, continuous time sigmoidal networks, and "sloppy" models.

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