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"Translationís lucky hand: ‘Fortino Sámano’ "
Jacket 2 (3 February 2014)

"In Review: Best Books of 2013"
The Volta (2013)

"Review: 'Fortino Sámano'”
Fogged Clarity: An Arts Review (December 2013)

"The 2013 Academy of American Poets Prizes: What Poetry Can Do"
Library Journal (3 November 2013)

Review by Amaranth Borsuk
American Letters & Commentary
24 (2013)

"Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of the Poem) by Virginie Lalucq and Jean-Luc Nancy."
Lana Turner 5 (2013)

“Overflowing Theories / Poetry’s Possibilities”
Chant de la Sirene (7 June 2013)

“Review of Fortino Sámano (The Overflowing of the Poem)
Poetry International (11 May 2013)

Fortino Sámano by Virginie Lalucq”
Alluringly Short (25 April 2013)

"Shelf Improvement: Books and Media Produced by Alumni, Staff, and Faculty"
ASU Magazine
(May 2011): 52

"Ross Leckie’s Best Poetry Books."
Fiddlehead: Atlantic Canada's International Literary Journal (30 June 2011).

"Or Consequence by Cynthia Hogue (Red Hen, 2010)" by Leslie Wheeler.
Shenandoah 61:1 (2011)

"Review: Cynthia Hogue's Or Consequence" by Scott Hightower
Fogged Clarity (April 2011)

"When the Water Came by Cynthia Hogue and Rebecca Ross" by Michelle Gaffey The Collagist (14 March 2011).

“Wandering Spirit: ASU's Cynthia Hogue is haunted—and inspired—by time spent in New Orleans” by Jarret Keene.
Tucson Weekly (10 March 2011)

"UNO Press commemorates K+5 with books When the Water Came, Before (During) After" by Suzanne Stouse
"On Books" Times-Picayune/ (30 August 2010).

"Cynthia Hogue's The Incognito Body as Ecopoethics" by Elizabeth-Jane Burnett.
Readings: Response and Reactions to Poetries 5 (Spring 2010).

"Linguistically Transformative Pain" [PDF] by Gary Hawkins.
American Book Review 28:6 (September/October 2007).

"Document and Discuss." Review of Innovative Women Poets.
Stride Magazine (April 2007)

A Review of the Northern Arizona Book Festival, which featured Cynthia Hogue
Arizona Daily Sun (22 April 2006)

A Review of The Incognito Body
Tucson Weekly (6 April 2006)


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