Visiting Scholar

Hongping, Associate Professor at North University of China, Prediction of Influenza-like Illness based on the Improved Artifical Tree Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network, 2017-2018.

Bo Yang, Associate Professor at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, A First Step Towards Combating Fake News Over Online Social Media, 2017-2018.

Chuan Peng, Assistant Professor at Wuhuan National University, Predicting Information Diffusion Initiated from Multiple Sources in Online Social Networks, 2013.

Jianhua Gao, Associate Professor at Wuhuan University, Behavior Monitoring Framework in Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Networks, 2010.

Summer Research Assistants

Daniel Langley, Distinguishing Flu Cases from Flu Awareness with SVM, Summer 2018.

Adrian Avram, Geo-tagging Flu Tweets with Google Map API, Summer 2018.

Paul Wagenseller III, Community Detection Algorithm Evaluation using Size and Hashtag, Summer 2016.

Ken Orton, Community Verification with Topic Modeling, Summer 2016.

Tim Matti, Discover Arizona Twitter Follower Network, Summer 2013.

Ryan Roberts, Visualize Dynamic Tweets Spreading Over Twitter, Summer 2013.

ACO499 Individualized Instruction

Paul Wagenseller, Adrian Avram, Eric Jiang, Location Prediction with Communities in User Ego-Net in Social Media , Spring 2019. (Honorable Mention at New College Student Research and Creative Project Expo)

Ryan McCormick, Renee McEvitt, Chip Krauss, Building a Network and Security Lab in an Educational Environment, Spring 2019.

Paul Wagenseller III, Adrian Avram, Daniel Langley, Spatial-Temporal Flu Prediction Using Community Regions in Commuter Network, Fall 2018. (First Place Winner of New College Student Research and Creative Project Expo)

Adrian Avram, Geo-tagging Twitter User based on Communities in the Ego-Network, Spring 2018.

Josh Conn, Michael Lines, SocialBots or Not: Identifying Bot Features in its Ego-Network, Spring 2018.

Daniel Langley, Building a Reliable Keyword Based Tweet Collecting, Cleaning, and Reporting Tool, Spring 2018.

Paul Wagenseller, Utility-Based Community Detection Algorithm Design, Spring 2018.

Paul Wagenseller, Size Matter: Community Detection Algorithms Design and Evaluation, Fall 2017.

Ken Orton, Community Verification with Topic Modeling, Spring 2017.

Edgar Loza, Edgar Aguiniga, Wireless Home Network: Coverage \& Security, Low cost implementation with Raspberry Pi, Spring 2017.

Edgar Aguiniga, Mesh Networking With Raspberry Pi, Spring 2017.

Juan Toledo, Wi-Fi Troubleshooting App Development in Android, Fall 2016.

Shaun Fuller, Regional Level Influenza Study with Geo-Tagged Twitter Data, Fall 2016.

Kyle Brown, Geo-Based Twitter Flu Data Analysis and Modeling, Fall 2015.

Jamie Chon, Kyle Brown, Kevin Wong, Twitter Collection, Analysis, and Modeling Framework, Fall 2015.

Anton Debruyn, Shaun Fuller, Community Detection and Verification in Large Scale Social Media, Fall 2015.

Caleb Davis, Sandra Ramirez, Daniel Whitmore, How Does News Diffuse Through Twitter?, Spring 2013. (First Place Winner of New College Student Research and Creative Project Expo)

Shaun Roberts, Visualize the Dynamics of Information Spreading with Gephi, Fall 2012.

Chris Stuzman, Analyze WLAN Radius Authentication with Omnipeek, Fall 2012.

Joshua Johnson, Managing and Debugging Wireless Home Networks, Fall 2012.

Jonathan Rafacz , NeeleyAir Density Gauge, Spring 2011.

Jonathan Manget, Developing an Interactive and Networked Game on Android, Spring 2010. (Second Place Winner of New College Student Research and Creative Project Expo)

Keith Cumiford, Configurable Network Design and Testing Lab, Spring and Fall 2009.

David Boston, An Interactive Web GUI for Virtual Backbone in Wireless Networks, Fall 2008.

NCUIRE Undergraduate Students

Danny Harris, Jesse Orozco, Streamline Real Time Flu Surveillance System, Fall 2018.

Chris Stutzman, Securing Enterprise-Level WLAN with Radius Server, Spring 2012.

David Prejban,Discover Twitter Friendship Through REST API, Spring 2012.

Stephen Calvert, Vulnerability of Wireless Home Networks Hacking into WPA, Spring 2011.

ACO399 Supervised Research

Paul Wagenseller, John Cummings, Ryan Kolnicki, Network Forensics Analysis: Uncovering Attacks in Wireless Networks, Spring 2019.

Andrew Lamontagne, David Roqueni, Taylor Gerik, Towards Real Time Visualization of Twitter-Based Flu Report and Prediction, Spring 2019.

Daniel Langley Automated Twitter Collection, Analysis & Visualization System, Fall 2017.

Ross Quackenbush, Community Verification with Topic Modeling, Fall 2017.

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