Before beginning this process, it is strongly suggested 
that you go to EMMA (opens in a new window), then select 
EPO Update, and make sure that your email address 
is working properly.  All that you have to do is to enter
your favorite email address in the DESTINATION ADDRESS
space and then select UPDATE.

Why do I need to do this?

    To register for the ARIS electronic HW system, you will

    (1) A working email address -- it is strongly suggested 
        that you use your address.
    (2) The ARIS registration code that came packaged with
        your textbook, or a method of payment, such as a
        credit card.

    (3) Your class enrollment code which is 8A8-3D-C97.

    (4) Your Posting ID number.  

        What if I don't know my Posting ID?

    To sign up for ARIS, go to  <== Opens in a new window; 
                                                   keep the current window
                                                   open for instructions.

(1) Select a Subject:  Physics                    
(2) Select a Book: Tillery, Physical Science, 7e 

    You are now at the ARIS website for the Tillery Textbook.
 (1) Select "Register now by following this link" in the  
     bottom left-hand corner.
 (2) Select "I am a student"
 (3) Select "I have a registration code that came with my book"
     (unless you did not buy a new book, in which case select "I
     do not have a registration code" and follow the instructions).
 (4) Enter the code that came with your textbook,
     then select "CONTINUE".
 (5) Under "No, I have never created an account before" fill in
     the required information (unless you took 101 already in
     the Fall of 2006, in which case you may fill in your old 
     username and password in the space provided).

   (anything else will cause considerable confusion in the ARIS 
   grade book).  By using the EPO Update feature at EMMA you 
   can always set your ASU email account to send all email to 
   your favorite email location.  All course-related email will
   be sent to your ASU EMAIL ADDRESS, so you need to be sure 
   that address is working properly in any event.

    Once the required information is filled in, select "Next".

 (6) You should now be at the school location page.  Select
     "United States" and then "Continue".

 (7) You should now be at the state location page.  Select
     "AZ" from the drop-down list and then "Continue".

 (8) You should now be at the school selection page.  Select
     "ARIZONA STATE UNIV-TEMPE" from the drop-down list
     and then "Continue".

 (9) Finally, you get to enter your first and last name.  Please
     use the official name by which you are registered at ASU.
     Then select "Create Account".

(10) You should now be at the "Student Section Code" page.
     Your student section code is


Enter this and then select "Go". You should now be at the Course Home Page. (11) Select Gradebook from the toolbar at the top of the page. (12) Select External ID. (13) Enter your ASU Posting ID. It must be four digits, followed by a hyphen, followed by three digits. Congratulations. You are now ready to Select ASSIGNMENTS and to begin doing HOMEWORK. Your first assignments should be posted by 1/16. GBA TIPS ON SUBMITTING HW ASSIGNMENTS WITH ARIS