Warn Overdrive

My Saturn Overdrive is a modern reproduction of the overdrive made by Warn in the 60's. Husky also made an overdrive in the same timeframe, but I have heard that the Warn was better. Both these are different from the electrically controlled overdrives that were a factory option on 2WD Willys Utility Vehicles. If you can find a Warn OD in good shape, it would be a valuable addition to your Willys. Just remember that after 30 years, some things wear out. Some parts from the Saturn can be used in a Warn.

Landen Schooler sent me images from his Warn Overdrive manual. They can be viewed by clicking on the following:

These images were reduced from what Landen sent me in order to be viewed on screen and download quicker. If the detail is unreadable or you want higher resolution copies for printing, let me know.


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