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This page was created to help folks find information on Willys Jeep Pickups & Wagons. If it helped, or if you want to see something else, mail me, Rick Grover (grover@asu.edu).

There are many web pages about Jeeps, but when they mention Willys, they are usually talking about the WW2 military vehicles. When they talk about non-military Willys, they mean early CJ's. There is almost a conspiracy of secrecy that Willys made some Jeep Trucks and Wagons from the late forties to the mid sixties. This page is dedicated to the Willys 'Jeep' Utility Vehicles.

What I know about the history of Willys is contained in the Willys Story. Over the years, I have ridden in friends' Jeeps including old Willys wagons and trucks, but only recently (1996) have I become an owner of a Willys. You'd have to understand my situation to understand why I love my Willys.

If any of you are wondering how to get that old Jeep up to highway speed, consider an overdrive. It's great for gear splitting also. I have repaired my Timken axle, which requires a monster puller to get those rear hubs off. I also added new front springs, and replaced the left front axle shaft. If you are thinking of restoring a Willys, my advice is free.

I've only owned a couple of Willys, but I've been looking carefully at everyone I see. I've noticed a few things and researched a little, so for those of you who are trying to figure our a Willys year, I'll give you a few hints on model years.

Buying & Selling: I get lots of notes from people wanting to know where they can find a Willys to buy or asking help selling a Willys. I'm not running a service here, but you are welcome to put a picture in the Willys Gallery and mention that it is for sale. Also, consider the following:

How much is a Willys Jeep worth? I don't know but you can get a range at NADA or Krause Old Cars Price Guide.

Discussions: There are some email discussion lists that are useful. You might try:

You can also find a record of some some great Willys Pickup discussions at the Willys Pickup FAQ Page, an outgrowth of WillysTech compiled by Rick Stivers.

Newsgroups: If you have the time and patience to sift through tons of silly debates about TJ's vs. YJ's, you can occassionally find bits about Willys trucks and wagons on the Jeep+Willys newsgroup or the 4x4 newsgroup.

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The background of this page and all my Willys web pages, the WO "watermark", is my own creation in April of 1998. The WO logo was used by Willys/Overland in the 1940's. This GIF is based on a tracing from the steering wheel hub of my 1949 Willys pickup truck. Daimler/Chrylser claims a trademark for "Willys". I only claim to have created this GIF file with form-Z modeling and PhotoShop software. I use this GIF to make my web pages easily identifiable. If you would like to use it, please contact me. I may be willing to create a variation of it that will be unique for you. I expect that if people use this GIF for their own purposes, they will acknowledge its origin.

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