ASU 101 - for CS and CSE students
Spring 2009
Davulcu, Hasan

Class 1


This is an introduction to Computer Science for new students at ASU (mainly freshmen). In this class you will get a broad overview of the area of CS with particular emphasis on "Computer Science in not programming". In addition you will be exposed to topics such as Ethics, Globalization, ASU outlook and transitioning to College. All material needed for the class will be posted here as well as any additional links needed.

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Course Syllabus

Note: Homeworks -- please make sure you submit all your homeworks, as the course is graded on homeworks. There is no late penalty. Your homework will be graded on diligence, originality, correctness, completeness and adherence to instructions.

Recommended Textbook: None

Important Links:

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Learning Support Services:
Engineering Tutoring Center:
Counseling & Consultation:
ASU Career Services:
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SCI Advising Center:
Academic Calendar:
Barrett Honors College: (honors faculty advisor Dr. Mutsumi Nakamura)
Student Clubs and Organizations at [SCI] [Engineering] [ASU]
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Tutoring Information

  • Engineering Tutoring Center located in ECF 100. Tutoring is free to ASU engineering, construction and computer science students in ECF 100Topics include Math 170, 265, 266, 267, 274, 275; Physics 121,131 as well as other math, science and engineering courses.  See the website for a complete course list.

  • Chemistry Department located in PSH 137.  Various tutors are available on request: .

  • Engineering Residential Community:  San Pablo residence hall 5:00 pm to 10:00pm M-Th

  • Learning Support Services 5 locations.  Provides free daytime and evening tutoring for more than 100 courses.  The LSS also provides on-line tutoring, writing support, academic coaching, and software training.

  • Mathematics Tutor Center located in PSA 116.  Provides help with MAT 113 (and the stretch version 194), 117, 119, 142, 170, 210, 211, 251, and  MTE 180 and 181.

  • Physics Department located in PSH 352.  Tutoring is provided by appointment for PHY 121/122, 131/132, 361 .

  • Writing Center located in UASB 140.  This center has peer and graduate tutors who have been recommended by their writing instructors for excellent writing skills and peer interaction.