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  This website is an attempt by a student of Arizona State University to bring together all the available datasets on the World Wide Web to a single location.This would faciliate the data mining researchers and other researchers to access these data sets from one location.

Artificial Intelligence Data Sets   This page contains links to datasets and other data sources related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). The links also provide access to AI online Bibliographies, AI journals, AI news groups and much more !

Bioinformatics Data Sets   This webpage provides links to data-sets and data resources related to the field of Bioinformatics.

Clinical Data Sets   This page contains links to various clinical datasets and other health-care data sets available on the internet.

Ecological & Population Data Sets   This page contains links to sources of data sets dealing with various ecological aspects and datasets dealing with population, fertility, and mortality data.

Economic Growth Data Sets   This page contains links to online data that is useful in conducting studies of economic growth.

Geospatial Data Sets   This webpage contains links to various geo-spatial data sets and data repositories like NASA's global change Master Directory, DAAC data, National Geoscience Data Repository Sytem and much more !

Machine Learning Data Sets   Aircraft and ground based measurements of meteorological variables designed to improve science algorithms and validate satellite-derived data products.

Space Science Data Sets   This webpage contains links to various datasets and data repositories dealing with space science like NSSDC, ESO/ST-ECF, NDADS,NSSDC's OMNIWeb and much more !

Stats and Mathematics Reference Data Sets   Global land, ocean and atmospheric parameters mapped to uniform spatial and temporal scales for basic research and applications studies.

Other Data Sets   This page consists of links to some other less popular categories of data sets

Links to other webpages providing variety of Data Sets   If you still couldn't find what you were looking for using the links above, try one of these pages for alternative lists of data links.

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