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Mary Stokrocki



York, E., & Stokrocki, M. (2009 copywright). T.J.'s Desert Surprise, , Middleton, WI: EYE Exceptionals.

What snakes and lizards can you find? See Desert Surprise Series Blog at www.desertsurpriseseries.com Write about them, draw them, & turn them into shadow puppets by following the directions.


York, E., & Stokrocki, M. (2008 copywright). Sarah's Desert Surprise [oil pastel]

Sarah looks for the dancing cactii with Grandma, Do they find one in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains?

To order for leave a comment, go to www.desertsurpriseseries.com


York, E., & Stokrocki, M. (2007 copywright). Lindsey's Desert Surprise. Apache Junction, AZ: DST Creative.

Lindsey thinks the desert is a boring place until she visits her Grandma, who lives there. Grandma teaches her the difference between just looking and really observing [Desert Surprise Series]

COST: 12.95 + 1.14 tax = $14.09 Total   [8.8% tax, 1.14]; $5.00 shipping & handling up to 2 copies, then it’s $$2.50 per book more. Write a check to DST Creative, or use Master Charge over phone 602-541-2079;dstcreative@hotmail.com












[Updated 4/23/09; Acrylic on canvas]