Hot Sites
See how these links relate to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter - a link to the official Harry Potter movie site

Daily Prophet - a link to the New York Times web site

The Ministry of Magic - A link to the official UK parliament site

Boarding school - a link to a site discussing the realities of boarding school

Surrey, England - A site about Harry Potter's hometown

N.E.W.T.S and O.W.L.S. - A site about ACT and SAT test preparation

Quidditch - learn the rules of the fictional sport

Cheating - an article about academic cheating

Pensieve – a website about time travel

Love spell - a description of potions and spells and how they work

Orphanage - a directory of orphanages, with detailed information about each

Dark Mark - a site discussing many symbols that are considered "evil"