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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

Please answer the following seven questions about some of the hot sites you were to visit. (Not all hot sites have questions; some were just put on there for your benefit.)  Please open a word document and answer the following seven questions in one to two sentences!! (Thanks)



1.     From the Hot Site about 3 Neo Nazi's convicted of murder; how many years in prison was the oldest   of the three sentenced to. The other two members were both minors so they were sentenced differently. What were the sentences for these 3 men after brutally beating a man just because of his race?


2.     What novel did Han Nolan receive the National Book Award for?


3.     On the history of the Holocaust timeline Hot Site; what happened on April 6th, 1944?


4.     On the American Neo-Nazi Movement Hot Site; what is the quote at the very bottom of the opening page? (This is not a trick question, there should only be one quote on the page, if not, let me know you had trouble.)


5.     On the Holocaust Survivors page, whose tattooed hand arm is pictured above? (This picture is on the opening page of the website.)


6.     Name 5 other books that are on the related topics website for adolescent literature. (Name at least 5!)


7.     On the interview with Han Nolan hot site, why did Nolan use time travel to tell Hilary and Chana's stories?


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