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Young Adult Lit WebQuests


Grading Rubric- The Wanderer WebQuest





6 traits


Ideas and Content

My answers make a clear point, provide enough information                               /5 points

to answer the question, and contain clear and relevant

details to support my answer.



The reader isn't left hanging in my response.  I have set up                                  /5 points

my answer in a way that will help my reader transition through

my ideas and understand my answer.



My answers are convincing-not "fake."  It sounds like I wrote                             /5 points

it, and my answers are fun to read.


Word Choice

My language is natural, not over done.  The answer creates a                   December 19, 2005 points

clear picture in the readers mind.


Sentence Fluency

My answers are smooth and easy to read.  Each sentence is                              /5 points

thoughtfully written and makes sense.  Sentences in my answer

vary in length, structure, and beginnings.


Writing Conventions

I have used my best grammar, capitalization, spelling, and                                  /5 points

punctuation skills in my answers.  My conventions help the reader

understand my ideas.


Class Participation

I used class time wisely to complete the WebQuest.  I did not                           /20 points

distract others from completing their assignment.


Total:                   /50 points

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