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Young Adult Lit WebQuests

WebQuest for The Wanderer
by Sharon Creech

The Wanderer by Sharon Creech combines adventure, family relationships, and compelling characterization to tell a tale of a difficult journey to another land and to a sense of self-awareness and acceptance for each of the characters. Young adults will be excited by the adventurous sailing while discovering that personal growth often entails a difficult journey.

Sharon Creech was born in Euclid, Ohio.  She grew up with one sister and three brothers.  Summers were often spent visiting her cousins where they shared stories nightly.  After college, Sharon Creech became a high school English teacher in England and Switzerland.  First she wrote adult novels, and then she began her career as an author of young adult literature.  She is married and has two grown children.

The inspiration for The Wanderer came from her many sailing trips across the Atlantic Ocean.  Her daughter, Karin, also traveled across the ocean with her six male cousins from Connecticut to Ireland.  Karin, like Sophie, also encountered a terrible storm on her journey.  To read more about this novel and the author, visit Sharon Creech's website.

Steps in WebQuest

1. Read the book summary.

2. Search the hot sites and consider story themes, events, and characters.

3. Answer the questions in the quiz by creating a word document.

4. Visit this page to see the grading rubric.

Email the authors, Susan Mullarkey and Brittany Scovel.



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