Music School


I teach two doctoral research courses: quantitative and historical methods. Click here to see examples of doctoral student historical research and quantitative research.

I also teach MUE 566--Instrumental Literature for the Schools--to public school teachers who are master's students in the summer. In this practical course, instrumental literature and pedagogy is broadly defined. MUE 566 is not a class where we get together to solely read literature. Rather, students complete teaching assignments and a major project related to literature for school ensembles. They also examine a variety of materials to promote successful instrumental teaching and learning in school ensembles. Students study music learning theory, comprehensive musicianship, and some of my favorite teaching techniques. In addition, as a class we share our favorite literature and explore new literature to advance our knowledge of music options for school ensembles. This class also has guest composers, conductors, music education professors, and local teachers who will share their instrumental-literature expertise in a variety of inspiring ways.

Below is a picture of the Summer 2008 literature class with composer Anne McGinty (Anne is in the green shirt, third from the left.)

Besides my own lecture/presentations on many facets of teaching instrumental music, guests include Anne McGinty, Dr. James Froseth, string composer Doris Gazda, conductor Gary Hill, Breathing Gym clinician and brass expert Michelle Kalo, composer Dr. Ron Nelson, conductor and Smart Music clinician Dr. Richard Strange, and conductor Dr. Michael Willson.

This class is scheduled to be taught each summer on the ASU main campus in Tempe for either two or four weeks. I also teach this class in the summer at other universities--in 2007 and 2009 at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota and 2006 and 2009 at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. If you would like me to teach this course on your campus during the summer or for an intersession, contact me at .