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Student Research - Quantitative

Doctoral music education students developed the following research studies as class projects in my Quantitative MUE 792--to name a few: A Comparison of Contributing Variables in Marching Band Festival Results; A Comparison of Music Professors' and Education Professors' Expectations and Outcomes for Preservice Teachers; A Content Analysis of the Music Educators Journal Cover Photos; Attitudes of Coordinators and Music Teachers toward the Taiwanese Elementary School Musically Gifted and Talented Program; Choir Members’ and Directors' Perceptions of Participation, Special Accommodations, and Characteristics of Adult Church Choirs; The Effects of Breathing Instruction on Beginning Brass Players Performance Achievement; The Effects of Chamber Music Participation on Student Performance Achievement; Song Acquistion and Its Effect on Elementary Students' Singing Accuracy.


David Rickels: A Comparison of Contributing Variables in Marching Band Festival Results

Carla Cose-Giallella: Song Acquisition and Its Effect on Singing Accuracy

Michele Paynter-Paise: Choir Members' Perceptions of Participation, Special Accomodations, and Characteristics of Both Members and Directors in Adult Church Choirs: A Pilot Study

Dave Rickels
Carla Cose-Giallella