Horn Etudes and Methods

A very brief survey--my favorites in the studio

Dr. John Ericson


  • Marvin Howe. Method for the French Horn (Howe)

Early Studies

  • Robert Getchell. First Book of Practical Studies, Second Book of Practical Studies (Belwin)
  • Max Pottag and Nilo Hovey. Pottag-Hovey Method for French Horn, books 1 and 2 (Belwin)


  • Kopprasch, ed. by Chambers. 60 Selected Studies for French Horn, book 1 (International)**
  • Maxime-Alphonse. Two Hundred New Melodic and Gradual Studies, volume 1 (Alphonse Leduc)
  • Erwin Miersch. Melodious Studies for French Horn (Carl Fischer)
  • Max Pottag, ed. Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work for French Horn (Belwin)

Moderately Advanced*

  • G. Concone, ed. John Shoemaker. Legato Etudes for French Horn (Belwin)
  • J.-F. Gallay. 12 Studies for Second Horn, Op. 57 (International)
  • Hermann Neuling. 30 Spezial-Etuden fur tiefes Horn, volume 1 (Pro Musica Verlag)
  • Kopprasch. Ibid, volume 2
  • Maxime-Alphonse. Ibid, volumes 2-3


  • J.-F. Gallay. Préludes méasurés et non méasurés, Op. 27 (Sansone or International)
  • Maxime-Alphonse. Ibid, volumes 4-5
  • Neuling. Ibid, volume 2
  • Verne Reynolds. 48 Etudes (G. Schirmer)

For Study on the Natural Horn (introduced as a secondary instrument to interested moderately advanced hornists)

  • F. Duvernoy. Method for Horn (Thompson Edition)

*Also, of course, recommending my publications, Ultimate Horn Technique and Ultimate Low Horn (Horn Notes Edition), which are perfectly geared to my needs as a teacher of college horn students.

**My name is in the preface of the new Carl Fischer edition of the Kopprasch etudes, but I donít endorse it. There are quite a number of changes compared to their previous edition, which I personally preferred. It was the standard version most teachers used, but sadly it is now but a memory. The best alternate today is the Chambers edition published by International. It has the same, traditional layout of the music inherited from the Gumpert edition from the early 1880s and works equally well for the student and the teacher used to the original Carl Fischer version.

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