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Articles on Horn History and Horn Playing

Introducing the Horn
Information for players just starting on the horn (and their teachers!). We all need to be doing all we can to start and convert more horn players.

The Kopprasch Zone
Links to free PDF excerpts, etudes, and duets, excerpt resources, studio materials, and much more.

Playing the Natural Horn
Six informative articles on the history and performing techniques of the natural horn, including in particular notes from the Domnich method, on the 9th symphony of Beethoven, and on Brahms and the natural horn.

The Early Valved Horn
An "online book"--20 carefully researched original articles on the history and performing techniques of the valved horn in the nineteenth century. Topics covered include the invention of the valve, famous early performers, important early works of Schubert and Wagner, and the invention of the double horn.

Playing Descant and Triple Horns
An introduction to these important tools for high horn playing.

Articles on other Middle Brass

Playing the Wagner Tuba
A great instrument! Used by Wagner, Bruckner, Strauss, and others in major orchestral and operatic works, this instrument really deserves to be heard more often.

A Tenor Horn/Alto Horn FAQ
Frequently asked questions on an alto range instrument once widely used in the United States, and still used in British-style brass bands around the world.

The Mello Zone
A brief look at the history of the mellophone and more. Love them or hate them, marching mellophones are frequently performed today by current and future horn players in marching bands and drum corps.

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