Spring 2005/Professor Kristin Koptiuch

Course Photo Gallery

Review photos, select the ones you want to use on your own web pages,
and copy them to your disk/hardrive/dropbox (see instructions below).   
Test Photos: for our web workshop March 2. Selected from our fieldtrip to Nogales.  Try copying a photo (see instructions below) to put on one of your own web pages.
Student Portraits Taken in class when presenting Family Migration Object

Borderlinks Fieldtrip to Nogales February 23, 2005

"Why Migration?" Team Country Posters--photos of posters and also links to web version of Powerpoint slides prepared and presented by each team.
Judith Sloan guest speaker--Co-author of one of our course texts, Crossing the BLVD: Strangers, Neighbors, Aliens in a New America. April 27, 2005. A few photos.
To copy a photo: Open the link to the file you want below.  Tap on the "thumbnail" image you want to open it to large size.  Tap on the photo, right-click (for PC's) and choose save to disk. Give the file a name that makes sense to you. Store the photo in your image folder. If you want a small image too, in order to make a thumbnail on your page that will link to the large size image,  right-click on the thumbnail below, choose save to disk, store in your image folder--use same name as large version but add to the end: -sm.    e.g. borderpatrol.jpg and borderpatrol-sm.jpg  REMEMBER: NO SPACES IN FILENAMES!

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