Migration & Culture

Spring 2004 / Professor Koptiuch

  Test Images For Web Workshop 3/4/04.  These are from our trip to Nogales.
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Student Portraits Taken in class when presenting Family Migration Object
Borderlinks Fieldtrip to Nogales, Mexico on February 25, 2004

bullet By Topic
bullet Borderlinks Staff and Us
bullet Us/Mexico Border Scenes
bullet US Border Patrol
bullet Colonia Las Torres--squatter's settlement neighborhood
bullet Colonia Kennedy--elite neighborhood
bullet Lunch with Families
bullet Maquiladoras--Otis Elevator visit and other maquilas en route
bullet Nogales Street Scenes
bullet At the Casa de la Misericordia
bullet By Photographer JK
bullet Mini-Movies

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bullet Outside Otis maquila 1
bullet Outside Otis maquila 2
bullet Colonia Las Torres

bullet Previous BorderLinks fieldtrip photos.
You may find other photos that you wish to use or enjoy here.
bullet Fall 2001
bullet Spring 2003

Migrants, Justice, & the Border Forum
ASU West
April 6-9, 2004

bullet Poster Session--Including our team projects, Comparative Guest Worker/Immigration Policy Country Posters
bullet Photos of lots of other events--organized in separate web page galleries.

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