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My Bio Page

By Melody Heath

            I’m a junior at Appalachian State University.  Though I had been to Mexico before this semester, I have never traveled internationally before.  I am majoring in Anthropology with a concentration in Sustainable Development.  I hope that all my travels give me unique experiences that will make me a better student. 

            I left home late August in 2006 and our first port was Hawaii.  After leaving American we finally made our way to Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Burma, India, Egypt, Turkey, and Spain.  I’ll arrive home on December 7th 2006. 

            Hopefully, I’ll arrive home changed.  This trip has taught me what to expect in myself and others.  I know now what I can achieve and how to make important decisions.  I’m more confident in the choices I make and I know that I can rely on myself.    

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