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Open Letter

By Tatsuru Kimura

Keng Tong Market

Dear my friends in OK,

I have a problem.  Honestly speaking, I do not have enough souvenirs to give you.  As you know, I am stingy by nature.  However, after I visited some countries in the third world, I became stingier. 

Maybe, it is because I became too defensive against aggressive sellers in these countries.  Maybe, it is because I found the significant difference of purchasing power between me and local people in those countries.  Anyway, I was afraid to show off my money, my one dollar bill.  Now, I am even little bit afraid of talking about money with the people who live in such countries.     

I am not sure whether it was right or wrong not to buy many souvenirs in each country.  I think I will regret that I did not buy enough souvenirs when I go home.  However, I do not want to forget what I am thinking now.  At least, I want to think about something when I buy ridiculously cheap notebooks at Wal-Mart. 

Sorry, it was not a good excuse.  TK

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