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Jason's First Home Page

Making a homepage may be easy for some people, but for a graduate of the uni-bomber's school of technophobia like myself, it is excruciatingly painful.  When I first learned I would be  creating my first Web page I immediately ran down to my room, chewed up a mouthful of tylenol and chugged the nalgene full of red wine that I had been slowly siphoning from happy hours for weeks (just kidding). Unfortunately, God has plans for me, so he intervened and sent an angel down to roll me on my side preventing me from happily choking to death on my own vomit. So appreciate all I have done with this site, because the stress of constructing it has taken a decade off my life...

Regardless...Herein is a selection of articles I wrote for an anthropology class known as Global Cities while traveling around the world on a cruise ship with a program known as Semester at Sea. The articles hone in on cultural aspects of the transnational and the vernacular that I experienced in six different countries. Vernacular refers to specific cultural practices of a particular ethnicity or people in a geographical region, while transnational refers to the culture of globalization that has its own set of cultual practices that are manifest all over the world. Enjoy!

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