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Open Letter to anyone interested


By Margarita I. Gotay

Dear Readers:

     On my journeys and study of migration I’ve learned how migration has a great deal to do with what we are. Most of our ancestors came from a farther away place than the one we stand in and live today. All cultures and traditions have been inspired by others' cultures in the world. Migration is in all of us; it’s included in our past and this being the "Age of Migration" it might be included in our future. It is also important to know that migration is not caused by lack of economic development in a migrant’s home place; most migration comes from those countries in development and dynamic growth (Douglas S. Massey, "Five Myths About Migration: Common Misconceptions Underlying U.S. Border- Enforcemt Policy"). The radical transformations in a country that one can’t surpass or get accustomed to are the causes of most migration. Migration is very important for our life. It was makes us connect, makes us intertwine as human beings. Discover the world and human relationships that make you the person you are.

                                                                                        Margarita I. Gotay

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