Can you see a difference from your neighborhood?

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The pictures above are all taken in South Phoenix.  Almost every building on the south side of the river has its own unique personality.  The culture of the people that live in this neighborhood come through with the festive atmosphere in which they decorate their homes and their businesses alike.  Some may think that it is tacky and a little to flashy, but if you take the time to observe it for what it truly is, a voice of the people and their culture, then you have to have a new respect for what you observe.  These buildings with their bright colors and their graffiti like messages are in a sense art and reflect the personalities of their owners.

Ask yourself, could you have a beautiful, multi-colored fountain in your front yard, or the grocery store with the lights and big sign in your strip-mall around the corner?  Where does your culture come through, in your tan house that is the same color as all the others on your block,  or the stucco white shopping center that you live by?