Wrap Up Project 

By Luis Lopez    


Dear Residents of Phoenix

    While growing up in South phoenix I never really  focused and studied the issues regarding South Phoenix. During the beginning of our course " Learning from South Phoenix" The class was introduced and studied  the issues of gentrification that is taking place in South Phoenix, Habitat for Humanity, RioSalado Project, and the revitalization of the South Mountain Park .

    South Phoenix is place of opportunity. During the course we study the new development of Habitat for Humanity. Habitat Humanity is a non-profit organization that creates affordable housing to low-income families. This s a program that provides affordable and adequate housing to low-income families. Habitat has built more than 100,000 homes around the world, providing more 375,000 people in more than 2,000 communities. For more info click on Habitat-For-Humanity

Gentrification is new part of South Phoenix. Gentrification is a pattern process that is basically a systematic elimination of the lower class. Gentrification is defined as the unit by unit acquisition of housing, displacing low income residents by higher-income residents. Throughout the course we learned the different effects that gentrification has on a community. Gentrification is also seen as a revitalization tool to the community. 

    Another new development that is taking place is the Rio Salado Project. The Rio Salado Project mission is to revitalize the surrounding of the Salt River. The vision is to turn the Salt River into a community, environmental, and recreation asset. The Rio Salado Project is a major project in planning that will be completed in the year of 2004. For more info click on Rio-Salado

    As a former resident of South Phoenix, a new perspective has came into light. People have misconception about South Phoenix Some would say " don't go far South".  But after taking a course such as Learning from South Phoenix, this allows a new perspective on how people think of  South Phoenix . So please take time to and take a tour of my fellow classmates websites, because South Phoenix is not what it is played out to be. It is a  new life on the horizon waiting to be discovered., South Phoenix is a community that gives hope and inspiration that shall succeed. 


Sincerely Jose Luis Lopez

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