Patricia Luecke

I am a happy camper at West.  My major is American History Secondary Ed.  I love history and this class is innovative and fun!


Hey all you explorers out there in cyber space land!  Welcome aboard the magical mystery tour.  Our geography class has had fun learning about south Phoenix and what's happening!

Come and see!


Hayden Park

Habitat Freeze Frame

Walking the Beat


Quick Pics

 Central Business Blocks

                                           AN INVITATION TO ALL

People of Phoenix Spaceship Earth 2002!  Magical  Mystery Tours are the specialties of the house here at ASU West.  Like rocks?  Come explore geology in our great Arizona desert.  Like art? Be another Fredrick Remington or Charles Russell in the the Wild Wild West.  Like reading and lititure?  There is no frigate like a book to sail beyond the skies. From compendia to computers its all here on West campus.  And its for you too.  Whosoever will may come.  Pick up the phone call admit ions, financial aid, general information.  Fill out some papers and see if you qualify for grants from Uncle Sam and come to school!   Life is too short to wish you could have the privilege and opportunity to learn and lo and do!!  Just be motivated enough to do something about it.  You'll be surprised at the doors that will open for those who have a heart to learn.  I hope its you.  Tomorrow will come and you can prepare today to find a brand new world of knowledge and joy in learning if you are willing to be diligent and put some hard work into your studies.  YOU CAN DO IT!! 

Thank you for sharing with us your nice countryside drives and friendly reception as we explored your geography.  Now you come north to 51 ave & Thunderbird and explore the door to your new future at ASUW.  We welcome you.  You will be glad you made the effort!  Bienvenidos por todo del mundo! Adios y hasta luego!