Utah's Personal Bio


My name is Johnny Utah, and I am originally from NYC but have migrated out to Phoenix AZ.  I am a Social and Behavioural Science Major at ASU West.  I am working towards involvement on a project to Lesotho Africa to work on the migrant culture with South Africa in relation to the HIV/AIDS issues there.  I am a Libra and enjoy hiking, movies, dinner out and long walks on the beach.  If I won the Ms. America title, I would use my influence to strive for world peace.  Thank you.

                         Memory Map

This is the map of Huntington on Long Island in N.Y. where I lived from about 13 years old to about 19.  My family and I moved there from NYC, and then I moved from there to Phoenix alone.  It is significant spot for me as it contains a few of the only memories I have left of my childhood.   

There were two main roads that ran North-South, (New York Ave, and Nassau road) and in between these was my neighborhood.  There were lots of slight hills as you went around our block.  The fact the streets made a nice circle meant lots of running and bike races.  If you went off the north side of the loop, there was a spot where the town had allowed two trees to grow up through the pavement.  This formed a unique little spot that often served as a meeting place.  On the south side of Woodland St was an undeveloped bit of land that everyone called “The Woods” even though it wasn’t really big enough to qualify as “woods” I think.  Anyway, me and the guys used to build forts in there, and shoot each other with bb guns.  It was fun, and sometimes painful.  Up New York Ave. a couple blocks was Friendly’s Ice Cream, where we would go in the evenings in the summer.  Across from that is the cemetery where when I first moved to L.I. we had a game of “Truth or Dare” that led to my first French kiss with a cute blonde girl that was like two years older than me.  I’ve always sort of liked cemeteries since then.     

That’s most of what I remember of that place.  I haven’t been there in many years, but I heard that the “Woods” became two lots with houses on them, and the Friendly’s is gone too.  Things change!





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