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 Through the Eyes of Another

I sit at the Rancherís Market, I am over come by the simplicity of the lifestyles which different people live by. Even in their most desperate time of need they seem at peace with themselves. This is something I cannot seem to find while I sit and ponder at my lunch. I noticed the way that Hispanic women are so comfortable with themselves, while Caucasian women are always complaining about the way they look. I for example have struggled with the beauty that makes me who I am. Yet, the women I watch today they seem to know that the beauty doesnít come from the outside but within. These women can make a feast that turns into a fiesta, and enjoy eating what fabulous creations they made too. When was the last time a Caucasian didnít judge herself off a cover of Cosmo or Vogue? Instead, the Hispanic women I found myself observing seemed to embrace and proudly show off their natural curves. Whether, they were a twin of Jlo or going on fifty, nobody even seem to look twice about these women showing off their curves. There was an essence of pride that even men partake in. Why is it rare that Hispanic men donít cheat? Is it such that they like their women natural and clinch the beauty of a woman? Where as Caucasian males like females that will fit the description of someone off a magazine rack. I think that there is something that can be taken into note while observing the differences of women in different ethnic cultures, they simply are happy with being who and what makes them an individual.


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