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Reversed Roles

      While trying to order my lunch at the Ranch Market after going through person after person because the employees couldn’t fully understand me, it prepared me to notice what it would be like if I were to travel to another world if roles were reversed. The ideas made me see how we as a nation compare and expect ethnicity to follow societies norms. Being stared at with the sense coming across me like “why are you here” I got the apprehension of the differences we position on people who are not similar to our own ethnicities.
        As our class has toured many aspects of South Phoenix, I came to realize that even though I am a mere twenty minutes for the comfort zone I call home, here I am considered a minority. The most recent example I can recall would be the generous in depth look of the Market, as we were learning the inside details of how a it excelled, I noticed that I was a rarity. My blonde hair and blue eyes are characteristics that I haven’t seen much around while studying the South Phoenix area. This experience has made me better understand a different side of what citizens who are not the majority experience.
        The stereotypes we place on people and places mostly come from a shortage of education about the subject. Did me feeling like a minority and unable to relate to the employees of the Market or the citizens of South Phoenix keep me away from the area while not having to meet for a class on Friday? Absolutely not! In fact, I took my parents on a tour of the area during their day off on Monday and my mom has a new favorite place to eat…the Ranch Market. We compared stories of what I have been learning while my dad shared events of his days teaching at South Mountain High School. Even when I took my parents there for lunch we were unable to communicate coherently with the women who took our order referring us to another, that only made the trip seem like we had traveled to another country, when it was simply a mere distance away.

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