general description consumat approach

application fields:

commons dilemma

market dynamics and diffusion


The‘consumat approach’ is a model of human behaviour with a focus on consumer behaviour. It is based on concepts and theories from psychology, economics and computer science. The conceptual framework is a kind of meta-model of the many theories in psychology. The computational version of the consumat approach is based on multi-agent simulation.

The consumat approach is developed by Wander Jager (University of Groningen) and Marco Janssen (Indiana University) and is designed to study environmental related behaviour. The motivation of developing such an approach is the insight that many environmental problems are behavioural problems. Reducing the impact of human activities on the environment requires regulation based on stimulating economic incentives, adjusting law, technological change, and insights in psychological factors determining human behaviour.

The consumat approach is worked out for to important general frameworks: the commons dilemma, in which various persons manage a common resource; and market dynamics, which relates to phenomena like lock-in, fads and fashions, diffusion processes and social networks.

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