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Archaeology of the North American Southwest

One of the great strengths of the Anthropology program at ASU is our emphasis on the archaeology of the North American Southwest. Throughout the history of archaeology, theoretical, methodological, and substantive advances have been made by Southwest archaeologists, in part because of excellent site preservation and the long history of research. ASU archaeologists have played important roles in advancing theory and method for many decades.

Our program is one of the largest in the country with eight faculty conducting research throughout the region, ranging from the Ancestral Pueblo areas in the north into northern Mexico. Current research addresses issues of demographic change, landscape construction and change, human impacts on environment, dietary stress, social transformation, societal reorganization, migration, and exchange from archaic foragers to the protohistoric pueblos. Technical expertise includes ceramic style and source analysis, lithic and groundstone analysis, GIS, quantitative analysis, faunal analysis, and settlement and spatial analysis. Thus, students have diverse opportunities for field and laboratory research.

Key Faculty:
David Abbott
Michael Barton
Michelle Hegmon
Keith Kintigh
Ben Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Charles Redman
Arleyn Simon
Katherine Spielmann

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