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Writing and Diversity:
Literacy, Community, and Social Connections

                                      October 12-14, 2000
                                       University of Utah
                                       Salt Lake City, UT

 Keynote Speaker: Victor Villanueva, Jr., Washington State University

We need never deny the presence of strife, enmity, faction as a characteristic motive rhetorical expression. We need not close our eyes to their almost tyrannous ubiquity in human relations; we can be on the alert always to see how such temptations to strife are implicit in the institutions that condition human relationships; yet we can at the same time always look beyond this order, to the principle of identification in general, a terministic choice justified by the fact that the identifications in the order of love are also characteristic of rhetorical expression. --Kenneth Burke (A Rhetoric of Motives, 20)

This year the WSCC theme will address social, organizational, and cultural theories and perspectives on the study and teaching
of written communication. The conference relies upon presentations that encourage audience participation and discussion, and
contribute to the theory, research or pedagogy of rhetoric and writing in the following areas: 
multi/cross cultural rhetorics politics of diversity and writing
electronic literacies literacy/community centers
margin/center locations rhetorics of race, gender, class
non-traditional students ESL classroom/student diversity


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